www.abbaphilippines.com - the website of the company was updated this August. You can send your applications through our new e-mail addresses and applicants may call us in our new contact nos. 


Nov. 25, 2003

Our client from US, VHR, will be coming to Manila and conduct interviews on Dec. 8 & 9.

UK Clients will be in Manila on Dec. 14 onwards to conduct interviews to Nurses with OR / Medical-Surgical / ICU experience.

August 23, 2003   Top

ABBA has added the following e-mail addresses for the convenience of both its office staff and its clients:


[email protected] - ( For clients only. )


[email protected] - ( For applications only. For previous applicants, please send in your applications again to this e-mail address. Or you could send in another one through our online application page. Thank you. )

[email protected]
- ( New alternative e-mail address for application )



Tels. ( 632 ) 637-1393 / 637-0939 /  637-1324 /  687-3668

Fax: ( 632 ) 687-3669 /  633-8589



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