If you are a foreign company or individual that is interested in hiring Filipino workers, you will have to work thru a government-licensed agency to select and process the workers.

The Philippine government closely monitors the activities of companies engaged in the deployment of workers for jobs in other countries. Every Filipino worker has to go thru a process that will ensure he is registered with the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency, that he is read his rights as a worker in another country and that he knows where he is going to and what he is getting into. This whole process is administered for the worker by a licensed agency.

ABBA as a licensed agency will perform for the foreign company all activities needed in hiring and eventually deploying workers; sourcing for applicants, advertising for vacancies, interviewing and pre-qualifying candidates, processing the selected candidates, and giving them orientation.

There are different documentary requirements for foreign companies, depending on where these companies are domiciled, but generally, two important documents are asked. One is the Special Power of Attorney appointing ABBA as the foreign company’s representative in the Philippines for its manpower needs. The second is the submission of proofs that the foreign company is authorized or has the capability to recruit workers from the Philippines.

The fees of ABBA vary, depending on the number of workers required, the length of time that workers will be processed, and the complexity of the requirements. Generally, ABBA will ask questions about a number of things before we quote our prices.

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