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ABBA Personnel Services Inc. (Abba) is one of the major recruitment agencies in the Philippines. Thru the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration), the Philippine government gave Abba "Top Performer Award", in three consecutive instances (2002, 2005, and 2009), the special citation of "Top Performer Award". In 2013. Abba received the higher citation of "Award of Excellence" . The Awards are given based on "volume of deployments, compliance with recruitment laws and rules, responsiveness to workers' welfare on site, technical and marketing capability, and welfare programs and allied services".


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Three Officers of AMI, Mr. Benjie Jalasco (3rd from left), Mr. Abdullah Al Khazzi (4th from left) and Dr. Sharif Bin Ekrish (5th from left) pose with the Abba staff as the three visits the Abba office and conducted interview this January.

Staff Nurse - Emergency Room
Staff Nurse - Renal Transplant
Staff Nurse - Surgical ICU or Intensive Care Unit
Staff Nurse - Telemetry/CCU
Staff Nurse - Surgical ICU
Staff Nurse - Radiology
Staff Nurse - Out Patient Department
Diet Technician
Staff Nurse - Male Surgical
Emergency Medical Technician
Nurse Asst.-Male Medical
Nurse Asst.-Male Surgical
Service Inspector
Audiology Technician
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