Personal Attention To Every Account


ABBA will make sure that every problem is solved, every situation anticipated. You’ll talk with people who run the company, not with a young, ambitious person who will be out of recruitment in a couple of years. 


Strong Knowledge About Recruitment


We may be a new company, but our people have been in the recruitment industry for a long time and have made recruitment their lifetime career. We know the business and we’re devoted to it.


Focus on Service


ABBA will be run by a simple tenet: service to clients and workers. We’re not going to be bogged down by layers of authority, 5-year plans, special procedures, and policies.


Quick Agreement, Fast Transactions


With ABBA, there won’t be many contracts to sign or forms to fill up. We’ll talk, we’ll write short notes, and we’ll shake hands. These are the things that establish strong and lasting relationships.


No Frills, Pure Recruitment


ABBA is in the business of recruitment, nothing else. Other companies, as they get big are pulled by the allure of various business ventures and they go beyond the basics. There’s much to be done about recruitment. ABBA will stick to the basics.

ABBA has something to prove: that it can do its job, fill every vacancy, and meet every requirement. Try us and see if the following statement, made many years ago, applies to ABBA: We’re new, so we’ll try harder.



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