If your company needs Programmers and Information Technology (IT) Professionals, you should consider hiring them from the Philippines.

Why get IT Professionals from the Philippines?

Outside of the United States and United Kingdom, the Philippines has the largest number of English–speaking people in the world. Its 70 million people speak English as their second language. In Philippine schools, subjects are taught in English.

There are approximately 4,000 students who graduate from computer schools in the Philippines every year. Young people already have computer skills that will enable them to quickly learn new programs and processes.

The Western influences among Filipinos make it easy for them to adapt to any new environment.

Why hire IT Professionals from ABBA?

ABBA Personnel Services, Inc. is an accredited and licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines. We can assist you with all the requirements in legally employing Filipino professionals.

All Filipinos intending to work abroad are required to register with the Philippine government’s Department of Labor. This is to provide each worker with the services of a local company that can guarantee the protection of their rights. The worker has to be processed by a recruitment agency that is licensed by the government. When you hire someone from the Philippines, your company is required to do so thru a licensed agency.

To get highly qualified candidates, you need to talk to applicants who are pre-screened and who have undergone preliminary testing. Getting applicants and referrals from the internet may save you money but it will cost more as you spend a lot of time interviewing and screening all applicants, including those who are not qualified.

Your applicants will feel more confident if they can directly deal with you or your representative in the Philippines. Your future employee needs your assurance that they are going to work with a company that is known to them and that can protect them.

If you are a company that believes that your associates and employees are your most valuable asset, you need ABBA to assist you with your recruitment in the Philippines.

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